Using Dutch optical measurement technology to help improve worldwide water quality

At Water Insight, our mission is:

  • To provide water quality information products and services based on our award-winning optical in-situ sensors and satellite data processing methods
  • To participate in European research projects to constantly benchmark the quality of our instruments and information services to provide tailored and fit-for-purpose solutions for each customer
  • To advocate the use of remote sensing techniques for water management (please contact us to let us convince you) 
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Optical instruments

We combine our knowledge, years of experience, demands from the market and our IT skills to develop optical instruments that perform state-of-the-art spectral measurements either autonomously or with minimal operator requirements. We offer a full package including automated storage and processing of your measurements. Check out our WISPstation and our WISP-3!

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Satellite image processing

Water Insight can derive water quality products from a wide variety of satellite sensors, from CZCS to Sentinel 3 or even Very High Resolution data such as Worldview or airborne scanners. We use both standard corrections and algorithms and our own developed methods depending on requirements. 

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Commercial services

We sell and lease instruments such as the WISPstation and the WISP-3. We also offer services such as the Harmful Algal Bulletin service which we have been running for years or our project based services such as duckweed monitoring or even single image processing and analysis.

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R&D projects

Water Insight firmly believes in innovation and cooperation and therefore we actively engage in (inter)national research projects. We have participated in and even coordinated numerous EU research projects. Currently we are leading H2020 projects EOMORES and CoastObs and are part of TAPAS and MONOCLE.

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Perform quick, easy and accurate water quality measurements with the award winning WISP-3: An easy to handle in situ instrument that provides instant Chl-a, TSM, CPC and Kd values.

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The WISPstation gives High-Frequency accurate water quality measurements. Fully autonomous with solar power it will automatically send measurements using 3G connectivity to WISPcloud. Order now!

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About Us

Water Insight is an SME located in Ede, the Netherlands. We offer commercial products and services in water quality remote sensing and we take part in international research projects. Click the “read more” to see our staff and check if we have a job opening or an internship possibility!

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