WISPstation fixed position autonomous water quality spectrometer

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A new instrument for water quality

High frequency measurements for more insight in the ecological status, bathing water information and a coupling with new techniques such as monitoring with satellites.... Where do you want to go with your water quality monitoring? An optical measurement station (WISPstation) does all of these.


What does a WISPstation do?

Based on the colour of the surface water, it determines the most important bio-physical water quality parameters, such as chlorophyll, cyanobacteria pigment, suspended matter, presence of scums and transparency. The measurement frequency can be adjusted, for example every 15 minutes. Because of this high frequency, the insights in the ecological processes can be increased significantly. Because of the direct availability of the results, alerts can be issued or additional measurements can be taken immediately.


Why is it so easy?

A WISPstation is installed on a pole, a frame or another location above the water surface. It is completely autonomous: it produces its own energy with its solar panel and it sends the results via 3G to WISPcloud, an online database that can be directly coupled to the data processing software in your office. Even the quality control is done automatically, so you can directly work with ready to use time series.


Additional possibilities

The WISPstation can (in agreement) in the future be equipped with additional measurement instruments, such as temperature sensors or a weather station. Measurements can also be used as input for ecological models. Maybe the most interesting possibility is to use the WISPstation measurements in conjunction to satellite imagery, which can deliver an enormous spatial insight in water quality of a water body.



•       High frequent measurements

•       Parameters: Chlorophyll-a, cyanobacteria pigment, suspended matter, presence of scums, transparency and colour. Reflectance in the wavelength range of 350-900 nm.

•       Measurements are directly available

•       Easy to install, no frequent maintenance required

•       Autonomous and weather proof

•       On-board energy solution with a solar panel

•       Data transfer via 3G or Wifi

•       Automatic quality control (in the cloud)

•       Connections to your data management software possible

•       Can be combined with for example a weather station or a water temperature sensor

•       Can be combined with other innovative methods such as models and satellite images


Validation results

The first series of WISPstations were successfully validated within the H2020 EOMORES project. They were installed (in the Italian lake Trasimeno, in Võrtsjärv in Estonia, in Loch Leven in Scotland and at locations along the Curonian Lagoon in Lithuania). All of these instruments delivered water quality measurements every 15 minutes. The validatation results are published in the project deliverable which can be found here.

Meanwhile, WISPstations were sold in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and South Korea

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