WISPweb 1.0 online!

Since the start of 2014 we have been working hard to give WISPweb a complete overhaul, focussing on improving the user interaction. Especially the upload process has been greatly improved, see the major upgrade features below.

But today WISPweb 1.0 is officially launched!

An important feature in the new WISPweb is the implementation of our new algorithm (also called "WISP", not to be confused with the WISP-3 spectrometer). This intelligent algorithm yields better results mainly for waters that differ from the Dutch inland waters the original algorithms are tuned to.

Below an overview of the most important changes in WISPweb 1.0

  • Makeover for the look and feel

  • Filtering and searching of measurements from the homepage

  • Multiple file upload and approving of measurements

  • Support for WISP and WI Band Ratio algorithms

  • A compare page where measurements can be compared and mapped

  • Improved detail pages with interactive spectra, maps, and metadata

  • Various download options (CSV, JSON, GeoJSON, Excel) 

  • Advanced search by weather conditions, bounding box, or parameter values

  • Sharing measurements with groups or projects

  • Users can reset passwords

  • Approve page can autocomplete station names, region names, and measurement coordinates


WISPWeb 1.0 screenshot