WISPweb 1.0 online!

Since the start of 2014 we have been working hard to give WISPweb a complete overhaul, focussing on improving the user interaction. Especially the upload process has been greatly improved, see the major upgrade features below.

But today WISPweb 1.0 is officially launched!

Vacancies at Water Insight

At Water Insight we regularly have job vacancies. Alternatively, we do accept job inquiries although the chances are very slim we will create a position.

Currently we do not have a vacancy.


Vacancy Water insight/IVM PhD. position Research of Eutrophic lakes using optical remote sensing techniques



This PhD position will focus on the research of Eutrophic lakes using optical remote sensing techniques. Satellite images of lakes reveal patterns that are related to the water composition. These images can be translated into spatial quantitative estimates of:
  1. Optical properties (IOPs) such as absorption and scattering, and attenuation
  2. Concentrations of Chlorophyll-a (as proxy for phytoplankton biomass), total suspended matter, colored dissolved organic matter, and Phycocyanin (as proxy for the amount of cyanobacteria)
The PhD researcher will be based in Wageningen (the Netherland) at Water Insight during the first year. The work will be performed in close contact with researchers from the Institute of Environmental Studies of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. During the first year the lake IJssel will be studied. In the next 2 years, a large portion of time will be spent in Tartu Observatory (Estonia) to analyze Lake Peipsi data.The final year will be spent in the Netherlands at Water Insight and IVM. The researcher will participate in a growing international network with researchers from amongst others Estonia, Sweden, Finland and Germany.
Closing date of the vacancy is 10 june 2011. The PhD position will start as soon as possible. Further information can be requested from Dr. Steef Peters via:

Sneak preview of our WICAM spectral 2D camera!


Today the prototype WICAM arrived for testing, which will be done at our project partner Deltares. This 2D spectral camera has been built by Ocean Optics, which is also participating in the WICAM project supported by the INNOWATOR programme (see project page).

Water Insight leaves Geomatic Business Park


And end of an era: Water Insight leaves the Geomatic Business Park. As the focal point of our activities has shifted towards Wageningen, it is only natural to concentrate everything in Wageningen. So please remove the Marknesse address from your contact info!

WISP instruction video runner-up in Ocean Optics video contest


Our WISP instruction video has become the runner-up in the Ocean Optics video contest, see this link.

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